The Release of the NHS Long Term Plan

Last week saw the release of NHS England’s NHS Plan, a Plan which the Westminster government says will save almost half a million more lives with practical action on major killer conditions and investment in world-class, cutting edge treatments including genomic tests for every child with cancer. The Plan has been heralded as

…a  blueprint to make the NHS (in England) fit for the future will use the latest technology, such as digital GP consultations for all those who want them, coupled with early detection and a renewed focus on prevention to stop an estimated 85,000 premature deaths each year.

While I support this development and the additional funds that accompany this move which will also filter through to the NHS in Scotland. They have their own plan, called the  Health and Social Care Delivery Plan.

I remain very concerned that the Green Paper on Social Care reform and spending is still posted as missing!  If the future is Integration of health and Social Care, then surely both papers needed to be released together… or at least within days of each other. However, we are still waiting…. See my own comment from June 2018 whihc you can see by clicking the link below

Rather than give my own view of the details of the plan it’s worth reading what Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director, Age UK says about the plan which she had some involvement in shaping. Her view can be read here

Also this week, The Journal of the American Geriatric Society, one of the principal journals for older people’s clinical sciences, innovative models of care, and health policy has released its list of top 10 articles from last year (according to Twitter activity). You can see the list at JAGS @AGSJournal. I’d recommend looking at 2 in particular that interested me

#1 Most Mentioned Article: Can Exercise Improve Cognitive Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

#2 Most Mentioned Article: Medical Costs of Fatal and Nonfatal Falls in Older Adults. (which I think I might have highlighted before.

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