“The Care Home Journey”; a New Resource


Last month the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) launched a new resource for nursing staff based in care homes. With over 30,000 nurses in the UK working in care homes and care homes having a greater number of beds that the NHS then a resource that is designed to bring evidence based information to nurses working in this sector interactively is long overdue.

The resource called “Care Home Journey: An online resource to support nursing care in older peoples care homes” aims to bring together evidence based guidance on on typical clinical and social problems that care residents might experience. It presents this information through the use of 3 characters whose journey’s you can follow.

They are John, Seema and Jane. and the journey’s go all the way from pre-admission to end of Life Care.  Each section of the journey demonstrates the role of nursing staff when supporting the resident, their families and nursing colleagues at each stage in the fictional resident’s journey. Worth an explore if you are working in this sector since the resource is both FREE and Open Access.

To access the resource CLICK HERE



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