It’s World Alzheimer’s Day


This day, every year Alzheimers Disease International release their latest World Alzheimer Report 2018. This year’s report looks at the topic of dementia research and brings together 21 of the global leading lights in all areas of dementia research.

Unusually this report is not written by academic staff but has been written by renowned journalist and broadcaster Christina Patterson (of Time Magazine, The Guardian and The Sunday Times) and discusses some of the complex questions surrounding dementia research. It looks particularly at the hopes and frustrations for research asking why in over 20 years we have had no significant breakthroughs. You can download the report from the link below:

 The state of the art of dementia research: New frontiers 

The report stresses the urgent need for increased and sustainable funding for dementia research and calls on governments to commit to a minimum of 1% of the societal cost of dementia to be dedicated to research. In 2018 the global societal cost was US$1 trillion.

Alzheimer Scotland’s Chief Executive Henry Simmons has also released a message for today about the situation more locally in Scotland. You can read his message here.

September is World Alzheimers Month so let’s make an effort to ensure that nobody faces dementia alone and that we do more work to prevent dementia tackle the causes of all dementias in the coming years


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