Where Did That Green Paper Go? Plus NICE Dementia Guidance is Newly Updated


An important announcement from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) this week regarding Dementia Care. NICE have revised updated the previous Dementia Guideline, (CG42) which had been in existence since 2006 (although parts of it were revised and updated during this period) and have replaced it with a new NICE Guideline called NG97: Dementia: assessment, management and support for people living with dementia and their carers

On their site NICE point out that the new guideline addresses how dementia should be assessed and diagnosed. It covers person-centred care and support, tailored to the specific needs of each person living with dementia. As part of this, it can help professionals involve people living with dementia and their carers in decision-making so they can get the care and support they need. It also addresses care coordination and staff training, and how dementia may impact on the care offered for other conditions.

They also mention what it does not do, which is also quite important that you are aware of. It does not cover every aspect of dementia care or support, or areas where recommendations would be the same for people with or without dementia. It focuses on areas where:

  • there is variation in practice, and enough evidence is available to identify what works best
  • people living with dementia need different care and support to people in the same situation who do not have dementia.

When I discuss using the NICE guidelines with my students I tend not to talk about the paper/online full written version but point them to the NICE Pathway. This has also been updated and is available here

Its been quite a disappointing week for Social Care in England as the UK government postponed the publication of the Adult Social Care Green Paper following the announcement of increased funding for the NHS. (Let’s not hold our breaths for too long to see if that’s true). The Green Paper was announced in November 2017 and is considered key to reforming social care in England which everyone knows is in dire straits. It was due for release before the end of the summer but now who knows?

There was some indication about what it ought to contain here and more about the delay here


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