Using Instagram and Risk

Alzheimer’s Scotland, have been working in partnership with staff and students at Queen Margaret University and recently had the opportunity to work with second-year media and film students to create a helpful video guide on how to use Instagram to share the work of allied health professionals (AHP’s). The plan was to share messages about who AHP’s are and how they can help. It also provides a platform for sharing ways to develop self-management hints and tips on living well – using images and short messages.The video can be viewed below:


As the students say, they are just beginning to develop their understanding of the potential of Instagram and have set up the AHPDementia Instagram account which the  Alzheimer Scotland AHP students on placement and our Occupational Therapy interns can use. Have a look at the account and tell them what you think.

Back in January Iriss a charitable company that promotes positive outcomes for the people who use Scotland’s social services published a paper by Rhian McLean on Risk. This is a really interesting piece that I would recommend you read because it might make you look again at your own practice. It’s worth remembering that by taking risks

  • You can move forward in their recovery journey
  •  You will access services less frequently when you take more responsibility for your own care
  • Your successes will increase your self-worth and self-confidence
  • You can feel empowered and have more knowledge of your own condition and how  you should be managing it
  • It leads to improvement in your mental and physical health.

If you have an interest in this debate you might want to also read Stop Worrying About Risk


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