Age Friendly Business and More BBC Radio 4!


At the start of February, Age UK released a report urging UK businesses to take a more age-friendly approach as over 65s believe they are overlooked as consumers.As a result of their report Age UK, have highlighted 8 things that you can do to make your business older adult friendly, after all, as they point out older households spend an estimated total of £145 billion per year on goods and services. Worth paying attention to…. I think so!

You can view the 8 tips and download the full report from “Age UK calls on businesses to become more age-friendly”

Again a BBC Radio 4 programme has caught my attention this week. I didn’t listen to it… I rarely do listen live to Radio 4 but they have great podcasts. So this week I was drawn to BBC Radio 4’s PM programme which has been looking at this question. Can community projects offer a way to affordable care? The link goes to a BBC web page that looks at this topic. Right at the bottom of the article, you will find a link to the podcasts. There are 4 at the moment. None are longer than about 10 minutes and worth a dip into particularly once you have read the web page. To listen to them go to Radio 4 PM podcasts  



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