I’m Just a Care Home Nurse…

How many times have you heard people say “Oh … you’re just Care Home Nurse…” almost disdainfully. Well, I think this week we should try and redress that balance and see what care Home Nurses think about that and what they really do.

So I’ll not write my opinion, which I hope is pretty clear from anyone who has had put up with a rant in class but let us hear it from the Care Home Nurses themselves.

So this week the Nursing Times released an opinion piece with the Title I am just a care home nurse which you can click on and read here. Written by Mary Rabbitte, a unit care manager I think this sums up the feelings of many and it is about time our views changed, particularly since we are facing a very uncertain future  (see this 2014 RCN Report)

On a similar theme, Derek T Barron formerly the Associate Nurse Director/Lead Nurse in Ayrshire and now the Director of Care for the Erskine Group has written this week’s piece for Let’s Talk About Dementia, the Alzheimer Scotland Blog. In it, he talks about his experiences within his new role and the care being delivered at Erskine and his plans for change. Go and see what can be achieved by just care home nurses.

Let’s talk about … Care Homes.

Also came across this, this week which is a new campaign launched in Australia called the Lantern project. The video is priceless!

If you want to know more about the project and perhaps start something similar here go to Lantern Project; Australia


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