Beti & David: Lost for Words

Watch out next week for a programme on BBC Wales called Beti and David: Lost for Words

In this programme about Beti George who cares for her partner David Parry-Jones – an iconic broadcaster once dubbed ‘the voice of Welsh rugby’ talk about the challenges and frustrations facing thousands of carers across Wales questioning how we support dementia carers.  The programme features some of the staff here at UWS, Margaret Brown, Dr Barbara Sharpe, Anna Waugh, Janice Stewart [a link worker from Lanarkshire], and Helen Regan [a local carer]. It’s on BBC Wales on Monday at 9 pm but will be available on iPlayer at the link given after this. The clips on the site at the moment will give you an idea of what the programme contains and of course we will archive it later.

If you live in the UK and have been watching the BBC News at all this week there has been a series of stories released as part of their series called NHS Health Check. While the attention is welcome most of the stories have been very negative highlighting the problems in the system without mentioning the great work done. There has been very little said about the fact that we have fewer doctors per capita than all of Europe (bar Poland and Romania), we spend less per GDP than most other European countries and we have fewer hospital beds per capita which might explain much of the “Crisis”. See ECHI 2015


So from the BBC Series here are a few positive stories 5 Examples of Innovation in the UK  every one of which has a positive effect on the lives of older people.


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