‘Hospital’ and the Care Home Dilemma

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Firstly a reminder for those of you have not been doing this already. Remember that BBC 2 is currently showing a series called Hospital . Worth following but the most relevant programme to older people’s care so far has been Episode 2 which looked at Delayed Discharges. I have been very disappointed that despite Older People being the most significant group requiring care the programmes have not had older people’s concerns at their heart. You have to ask I suppose why not …  but then this is not a new problem see the BBC’s own article on this  TV dramas ‘misrepresent the NHS’ from 2009!

I suppose this is a bit ironic though after posting the above,  because I want to bring to your attention this week is another BBC programme. This time however it is a Radio Scotland programme called: The Care Home Dilemma which will be broadcast on Wednesday 1st February @13.30 and Sunday 5th February @ 06.00 and then will be made available on the BBC iPlayer for 30 days thereafter at The Care Home Dilemma  In the programme Prof June Andrews explores the difficult decisions people face when choosing a care home.

In the programme, Professor June Andrews explores the difficult decisions people face when choosing a care home. A decision which can be fraught with emotion. Often people find themselves looking for one when there’s a crisis or when a parent urgently needs round the clock care. If a parent is reluctant to move into a care home, this can place a huge responsibility on their children who feel guilty at having to make a decision on their behalf. Then there’s navigating the system with health and social care system!

Once the programme is broadcast additional online content will include:

  • Handy hints on Choosing a Care Home
  • Care Home Visit Checklist
  • Extended interviews with three people describing their experience of a parent going into a care home
  • BBC Actionline signposting to further information and advice

You can look also look out for tweets during the first broadcast from 13.30 to 14.00  If you would like to tweet, please include the @bbcradioscot handle. They are also planning to create a Facebook nearer the time which you can share.

This should be very useful to a number of this Blogs regular readers.



One thought on “‘Hospital’ and the Care Home Dilemma”

  1. Very interested about the care home programme on the radio
    Will definitely listen on iplayer
    Have chosen this topic for my literature review
    “What makes moving into a care home a good experience?”

    Liked by 1 person

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