Ladies Get up and Go!


New research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology indicates that women who lead a sedentary lifestyle have faster-ageing cells than those who exercise every day. The study, carried out on 1,500 women aged 64 to 95 found those who spent many hours sitting and exercised for less than 40 minutes a day had cells that were biologically eight years older. More information about the study which was  also reported on by the BBC can be found here

I also caught a really interesting radio programme this week which was part of the BBC Radio 4 series “In Business”. Over the last two weeks the programme has been looking at the NHS. The one I have heard already was looking at the NHS Recruitment Dilemma, what has caused it and what may happen in the future after Brexit. Very interesting but also worrying. The week before they looked at Productivity in the NHS and I will be listening to that at some point this week particularly since it is asking the question can the NHS really do more for less?

You can access both programmes at the BBC In Business page where you can listen to them or download them.


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