New BGS Standards for Older Peoples’ Healthcare

Yesterday the BGS published ‘Effective healthcare for older people; Principles and Standards‘, with a particular focus on those living with frailty.Health care for older people is the core business for the NHS. Getting health care right for older people will help ensure we get it right for everyone. The Principles and Standards are for the health care of older people in any setting –  not only for older adult care wards, but for all of the health care departments older people may encounter which as you can imagine is everywhere outside of maternity and paediatric specialist areas. At only 4 pages its short and to the point so have a look and ask yourself, “Are we sure that we are delivering high-quality care for older people?”

If you want to read more about these standards and how they were developed see


With a week to go until Christmas, I guess we’ll all be heading out to buy our Christmas Wines and spirits! (Cheers, bye the way!). But what nationality are you as revealed by the alcohol that you drink? How does your drinking measure up to the average in countries around the world?

How does your drinking measure up to the average in countries around the world?

You can go and find out at the BBC’s handy Booze Calculator

Apparently, I have German drinking habits and over a year drink as much as someone from Chile! What about you?

At this time of year it’s also good to consider the impact of alcohol on older people because like you, they are out more and drink more. So for specific advice relating to older people see

This report from this summer about older people and alcohol also makes for very interesting reading at this time of year.

Glasgow Centre for Population Health Report


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