Health of the ‘Baby Boomer’ Generation

I suppose I should start with this week’s controversy which is the report that says people aged between 50 and 70 should carry on working to stay healthy. As always when the media do a bit of headline grabbing, that is not exactly what Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer for England was saying. It is a much  more considered piece than this and looks at the impact of lifestyle choices on current and future health, mental health, sexual health, and screening and immunisation programmes. What she did say, was that staying in work, volunteering or joining a community group can make sure people stay physically and mentally active for longer and we should not overlook the potential health benefits of these activities. For more details and to download the report go to Baby Boomers: Fit for the Future

This week also saw calls from the British Geriatrics Society (BGS) on everyone who commissions or provides healthcare in care homes to follow the principles of good practice set out in the There New Guidance, so that every older person who lives in a care home in the UK has access to high-quality acre that fully meets their needs.

The BGS’s new President Dr Eileen Burns said:

Why should a frail or disabled older person living in a care home be disadvantaged by healthcare that isn’t based on their own individual needs?

It is of the utmost importance that the healthcare needs of older people living in care homes are treated as high priority. The NHS has a vital role to play in ensuring that older care home residents have a better quality of life. We know that health care services can be designed to deliver better healthcare. We call on those responsible for planning health services locally to follow this guidance to ensure that they are not ignoring the needs and rights of older people, and are designing appropriate and sustainable services.

The health needs of older people living in care homes are complex. It is vital that NHS commissioners and policy makers recognise that input from appropriately trained specialists is key to ensuring a better quality of life for older people living in care homes.

Now am I going to disagree with that?

Lastly a follow on from last week. I introduced you to the work of Molly Case the spoken word artist, writer and nurse. Well here is another piece from her


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