Housing, Care Standards and Wisdom


Age UK released another report last week on the reality of life for people over 65 at the bottom of the private rented sector. Currently, households aged over 65 account for fewer than one in ten of all those living in the private rented sector but it is becoming increasingly common and is a trend that looks set to rise. The report which is called   ‘Ageing in squalor and distress’, a title which sort of sells the conclusions rather early can be found here Ageing in Squalor Report

Last week I blogged about a consultation exercise that is looking at the future of nursing. This week I am going to let you know about another consultation exercise that you should perhaps try and get along to if you work in the Scottish Care Home sector. This consultation is being conducted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the Care Inspectorate   who are delivering a series of consultation roadshows on the new National Health and Social Care Standards. These events are an opportunity for you to get involved in the public consultation on the National Health and Social Care Standards. Details about the events which commence next week can be found at:


Finally something a bit more uplifting:



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