Transforming Health and Social Care Resource

Firstly some things that my students wanted me to place here. This is a link to the Scottish Government’s current consultation: Developing a 2030 Vision for Nursing

The consultation is part of  a project which has the goal of producing a vision for maximising the nursing contribution to health and well-being. It will set out what nursing needs to look like by 2030 and capture the things that Scottish Nurses do well, along with the things that need to change and be done differently. The project team are looking fro contributions from nurses, student nurse, or any person or organisation that represents nurses.

Secondly, there are a number of events taking place across Scotland that link into a review of parts of the Promoting Excellence Framework concerning a review of Palliative and End of Life Care Education and Development Framework. Again this is a consultation exercise. There is no clear place to link to so attached to this post is a link to an invitation to attend, which includes the dates and a list of venues. Go along if you are interested booking-form-peolc-education-framework-consultation.

Thirdly, in keeping with the joint lesson that I did this week  looking at the progress of the health and social care reforms that have been taking place across Scotland, Audit Scotland have just announced that they are going to publish a Follow-up report to their original review of Self-directed support next year. Alongside this, they have created a new resource about transforming health and social care in Scotland which you can access at Transforming Health and Social Care .

Finally, part of the resource is a video which you can watch here:


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