We Have Reached a Tipping Point!

A busy week for reports concerning Older People’s experiences in England. Firstly, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published its annual ‘State of Care’ Report for the period covering 2015-16.  if you are not familiar with this report it is the CQC’s annual overview of health and social care in England, which looks at the trends and highlights examples of good and outstanding care, and identifies factors that maintain high-quality care. Hard to believe that if you have read any of the headlines that have emerged since it was released on 13th. October. a lot of this stems from the fact that the CQC have said that the sustainability of the adult social care market is approaching a tipping point. This view is based on their evidence from inspections, information received through their market oversight function and the external data that they can access. As a result, they have said the fragility of the adult social care market is now beginning to impact both on the people who rely on these services and on the performance of NHS.

For more details see their very comprehensive page at State of Care 2016

Age UK also released their new report this week the state of mental health care for older people in England. The report titled Hidden in plain sight: the unmet mental health needs of older people,’  looks at the current state of NHS mental health services for those in later life. They have estimated that 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 live with a common mental health condition such as depression or anxiety, rising to a staggering 40 per cent of people living in care homes. Yet the Royal College of Psychiatrists has estimated that nearly 85 per cent of older people do not receive any help. Overall, their report makes it all too clear, that the mental health of older people is both under-recognised and under-prioritised. Age UK point out that without urgent action this is a problem only set to get worse as our society continues to age.

There is a nice Infographic that goes with the report that is copied below.



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