World Dementia Awareness Day 21/09/16


Well,  a busy week if you have an interest in all things Dementia. Firstly congratulations to my colleagues at UWS on winning the Best Educational Initiative at the Scottish Dementia Awards yesterday, the School also won one of the runner’s up awards in the same category and special mention to my friend and Colleague Margaret Brown on receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to Dementia care and education over many years. More information about the event can be found at:

Wednesday was World Dementia Awareness Day and it is on this day that the World Alzheimers Report is published. This year’s report is very relevant to most readers of this Blog as it is about  “Improving healthcare for people living with dementia: Coverage, quality and costs now and in the future.”  This report reviews research evidence on the elements of healthcare for people with dementia, and, using economic modelling, suggests how it should be improved and made more efficient. Still to read it myself but as you might expect it is highly likely to have an impact on some of the things that I teach. For an overview and to download the report go to World Alzheimer’s Report 2016

Yesterday also saw the launch of a new study that hopes to improve the success rate of research trials for treatments in Alzheimer’s disease. The Deep and Frequent Phenotyping study will see the most thorough series of tests to detect this disease ever performed on volunteers. The study was announced by the Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research.For more details about this see:

Finally, on an almost totally different note Alzheimers Scotland launched the world’s first Alzheimer’s Tartan. So if you are looking for an unusual present that helps others maybe this is it… See: for more details.


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