Is Health and Social Care in Safe Hands?

Ever wondered how the Care System works across the UK. Well here is a handy and new guide from the BBC:


Now is it actually working? Yesterday saw the publication of a new report investigating the state of social care  through the eyes of individuals and families(in England and Wales particularly). It  reveals a system struggling to cope.   Where:

  • people have difficulties accessing high-quality care
  • there is a lack of support for family carers
  • care packages that are not personalised
  • there are serious doubts about the sustainability of the social care provider market
  • there remains a need for a high-quality, trained and motivated workforce that can provide continuity of care.
  • the continued failure to integrate health and social care is leaving older people trapped in hospital beds.

The Real Lives report, published by the Richmond Group of Charities in partnership with the British Red Cross and the Royal Voluntary Society, sets out the real life experience of seven individuals and families using social care services today.You can download the report here:Real Lives Report 2016

This report is a companion piece to a major report, on “Social Care for Older People: Home Truths”, also published yesterday by the King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust. To read more about this report and download a copy go to:

They don’t make for very pleasant reading but the time for government and everyone else  to act is now.

This is also a good opportunity to draw your attention to the latest Age UK Campaign which is about the threat to change the rules around the provision of Attendance Allowance. Attendance Allowance in the UK is a weekly payment that helps older disabled people meet some of the extra costs they face. It’s a vital means of support that assists hundreds of thousands of older people to stay independent in their own homes. It is currently threatened by plans to devolve responsibility for payments to local councils which will mean as always different rules in different areas depending on the financial state of  your council’s budgets

To voice your concern about this and finds out more , go the link to Age UK’s “Help protect Attendance Allowance Campaign” which is given below




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