The Power of the Arts; Theatre and Images

Its that time of year; its cold, its wet and its windy (at least this week it has been), so it must be Edinburgh Festival time! So if you are going to Edinburgh at all this week here is a recommendation. You could try and see a play called “Finding Joy” . Its on between Aug 4 – Aug 14 at  16:30 at the Assembly Hall in the appropriately named Rainy Hall. 

Finding Joy explores the life of Joy, who is a woman who has a playful spirit, a love of dancing, and dementia. Joy lives with her daughter and grandson, Danny . The play is actually based on the true story of Danny, a young man who uses unorthodox methods to care for his Grandmother. Finding Joy has been touring the country, with Edinburgh apparently being the last leg, so you will need to be fast to see it. Hopefully it will tour again if it is a success. 

Here is a short clip and a warning that if you go along, hankies may be required.

Age International this week announced the winners of their ‘Strength For Life’ photographic competition. The images are quite captivating along with the stories of the people that they portray but sadly the exhibition is only being shown in London. The winning  photos will go on display alongside images taken by The Guardian’s David Levene, during October. If you want to have a look at some of them go to:

If you liked these, you might also like the work  being done by Eva de Vries’s called “The Wise People Project”. Eva is a a Dutch freelance journalist and storyteller and since March 2016 has been based in East Africa. In this project she takes portraits of older men and women and explores their stories and her first set of images and stories are really powerful. See:

Worth keeping an eye on I think.


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