Displacement and Driving

A day late with my post! Forgive me but I am on holiday and went away for the day yesterday, so no easy internet access. This week I am going to start out by looking at an International issue. This post is based on some one else’s Blog so I can’t take the credit, but their post is about a report of the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, called GRID 2016. In the report the issue of older people dealing with conflict or disaster is discussed because they are usually the last to flee from an unfolding conflict or disaster. Once displaced though, many are vulnerable to poor health and face greater obstacles to restoring livelihoods and achieving durable solutions within the new situations they find themselves in. The blog, written by Ana Mosneaga from the United Nations University and Michaella Vanore from Maastricht University share their insights on the internally displaced elderly in Georgia and Japan. Cheng Boon Ong puts this further into perspective by sharing IDMC’s experience with gathering sex and age disaggregated data.

To see their thoughts go to http://www.internal-displacement.org/blog/2016/if-you-dont-measure-you-dont-know-the-invisible-plight-of-elderly-idps/

If you want to see the GRID report watch the video below and/or go to: http://www.internal-displacement.org/globalreport2016/

Now a totally different topic.  A report from the Road Safety Foundation was recently published about supporting safe driving within the UK. Driving in the UK is a huge issue for our older people. Older people are more reliant on cars than ever before to meet their day-to-day needs. Giving-up driving is associated with much angst and can result in mental and physical health problems. However, such problems can be reduced if older drivers plan to give-up driving before they need to and gradually reduce their driving. Those that suffer worst tend to be drivers who are told to give-up driving and do so without any preparation (Musselwhite, 2011). This new report takes a pragmatic look at the issues making a number of important recommendations that we should learn from and or adopt. To read more about this report go to: https://ageukblog.org.uk/2016/07/22/supporting-safe-driving-into-older-age/


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