Integration and Why You Should Love Nurses!

Well back to the topic of the integration of health and social care again this week because the Kings Fund released yet another useful resource that you ought to look at. On the 30th. of June they published a report that looks at the evidence emerging about new roles and ways of spanning organisational workforce boundaries to deliver integrated health and social care. It particularly focuses on those roles which facilitate co-ordination and management of care, development of existing roles that may increase the skill-mix and enable the provision of more holistic care. To find out more and download the report go to


I love nurses

Another gem I have discovered this week is from the WHO no less. They have recently published a new WHO Global Strategic Directions for Strengthening Nursing and Midwifery 2016–2020 as their principal global guiding document for the development of nursing and midwifery throughout the Member States. It makes for interesting reading particularly at a time when we may be facing a shortage of people coming into the profession. To get a hold of this report go to:

You might also like this article, But unfortunately I can’t find the WHO document that this journalist is reporting on. (If you can find it please let me know where it is and I’ll post the link).

Carrying on with the why I love nurses theme… you might also like the following resource. A set of images that have been produced for an RCN Competition called “Care on Camera” which attempts to capture the diversity of work nurses currently do in the UK. See:



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