Can the NHS Please Talk to Care Homes?

Care Home image

Last month the Alzheimer’s Society released a report called “Fix Dementia Care: NHS and Care Homes” marks the second phase of an Alzheimer’s Society campaign looking at the experiences of people with dementia in a range of health and care settings. It contains the results of a survey of care home managers and the voices of people with dementia, their families and carers. The report sets out recommendations for the government and NHS to improve the experiences of people with dementia in care homes. Its maybe not a surprise that the Society would produce such a report but its some of the findings that area concern, for example nearly half of care managers felt that the NHS was not providing timely services to residents and even worse 1 in 5 reported being charged by GP’s for services that are meant to be free! The scale for the charges is most shocking as the average charge was just over £12,000 (per year presumably). Worrying also is the turnover of staff which may be running as high as 30% per year. Time to work more closely together I think and time to end the scandalous additional charging. If you want to see the full report go to:  and download it.

There is also a campaigning page on this theme at:

Also this week Marie Curie have a published a report that looks at the realities of End of Life Care for people who are LGBT. I suppose again this is quite disheartening but its worth having a look so that at least you have a better understanding of the LGBT community’s views on this. With the increasing number of older people and the likelihood that care homes will provide more specialist end of life care in the future care home managers should take note.  For more information and to access the report go to


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