Income Maximisation


Money Jar

I don’t post links from lifestyle websites very often but I thought this was an interesting one, given that the state pension currently amounts to just over £8,000 a year for most people. As you will note this falls well short of the money really required and while for many older people this is not a problem for many others clearly it is. See:

I have had lots of debates about this over the years in class and the conclusion we generally reach is that the most effective thing you can do to improve the health of older people in this country, is not health promotion per se, but to find ways to maximise their income so they have the resources to look after themselves. Quite a lot of the local authorities in Scotland have “income maximisation” teams and just as an example of what they can do, here is the guidance produced by East Renfrewshire Council which you are welcome to share.

Does your area have such a team? Have you advised anyone to contact them? Maybe its time…

Next week is also Dementia Awareness Week in Scotland which this year, extends from Monday 30 May – 5 June. More about that in next weeks post, but in the meantime if you want to know what’s taking place to mark it this year, go to the Lets Challenge Dementia Together Page at:


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