What a Team…..!



This week the team of people that I work with are the news! Firstly earlier in the month BBC Radio Scotland visited the Hamilton Campus and presenters Kaye Adams and John Beattie tourde the “Domus” facilities and while there, spoke to two of our nursing students, who provided an insight into how their course is equipping them with the skills required to care for people with dementia.

The programmes that have been created as a result of these interviews and their experiences while with us are now available at the BBC Scotland Website. To have a listen go to:


They form part of a series of programmes that the BBC are creating on Living with Dementia which you can find out more details about at:


As if that wasn’t enough, in another collaboration the BBC is launching a range of new online tools to mark Dementia Awareness weeks around the UK.

The tools – RemArc and Your Memories – have been developed by the BBC to help trigger conversations and memories among those living with dementia.

The BBC has worked in collaboration with various charities in the lead up to this season of programming, including Alzheimer Scotland our partners. They have also worked closely with the NHS and the University of the West of Scotland (in particular the staff from the team I work with of course); University of Dundee and St Andrews in developing the resources.

The RemArc resources are available at


“Your Memories” can be accessed at:


Please go and try them out and let me know what you think.

Oh; and on Tuesday another 130 Scottish Dementia Champions started.


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