Healthy Caring

Caring is an important part of many people’s lives particularly older people. In fact over a third of carers who are aged 65+ provide 50 or more hours of informal care each week. It’s not surprising therefore that this can take its toll on people’s health, even if it can sometimes be hard  for them to even admit they have a role as a carer. For it can be an expected and valued part of ageing together and a valuable part of a friendship. It is also not unusual for people in their 50s and 60s to be caring for their own children, their grandchildren or a disabled adult child and also their parents.

So it is good to see the publication by NHS England of a Healthy Caring Guide.  See:


Caring Guide

This is a a companion guide to the Practical Guide to Healthy Ageing  which was was originally published in January 2015 and updated recently  in October 2015. Both can be downloaded via the link above.

A milestone was also reached this month by the MRC’s Longitudinal Study, The National Survey of Health and Development. The NSHD, the oldest of the British birth cohort studies, and is unique in having data from birth on the health and social circumstances of a representative sample (N=5362) of men and women born in England, Scotland or Wales in March 1946. The participants are all now Aged 70! For an insight in what has been discovered so far visit the study website at



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