How to Stay Young?

Couldn’t let this week go by without mentioning the BBC programme “How to Stay Young”  in which Angela Rippon and Dr Chris van Tulleken travel the world to investigate the latest experiments and research that offers insights into how we may be able to tackle the ageing process and stay fit and healthy for longer. Whether you look at this from the perspective of your own health and lifestyle or through the eyes of your patients these are interesting programmes to watch. Needless to say I have yet again decided to exercise more and eat more healthily. Purple sweet potato anyone?

The programme has its own website at: and both programmes are available on the iPlayer.



More worryingly after such a positive set of programmes was last week’s Dispatches programme on Channel 4 which involved a joint investigation between Dispatches and the Sunday Times.The programme called “Britain’s Pensioner Care Scandal” examined the crisis in home care for older people. New research reveals hundreds of thousands of missed visits and millions of late visits along with evidence of pensioners not being washed or dressed for days, waiting hours for dinner and mistakes being made with medication. Almost 300,000 older people in this country receive home care and their findings suggest many are facing serious difficulties with the quality of the care that they receive. You can read more about the programme at:

You can watch it at

I can only describe it as very worrying here…. otherwise this would be a rant!


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