It’s not Friday! But this sadly isn’t a new story either.

As you know I always try and post on a Friday but last week I missed my date…. sorry if you came looking for it. My focus was drawn last week though to the  publication of the UK winter deaths figures yet again. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has again released figures that indicate another rise in Winter Deaths. Again I find it staggering just how little attention this gets from mainstream news for what you have to say is our national embarrassment. The BBC report just about summarises the tone of a lot of what the papers said, but is it just me?

If you found any disease where the death rate rose by 5% in a single year, there would be an investigation, but dying from the effects of cold appears to be OK!

So what about an explanation; was anything wrong? One reason put forward appears to be a failure of the ‘flu vaccine, but the “elephant in the room” is pensioner poverty. The Guardian coverage is better at trying to explain what is really  going on; see

(and this was published in advance of the official figures).


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