Integrated Care in the UK



Integrated care has become the become the new mantra in older people’s care and rightly so. It is enshrined within law in Scotland and most UK public healthcare services are expected to embrace it. Integrated care has been described as ‘person-centred coordinated care’. The three important features of integrated care are:

  • Services working together across the health and social care sectors.
  • People’s control over the planning of their care.
  • Achieving the results that are important to people who use services, their families and their carers.

(CQC 2015)

At the end of last year the Care Quality Commission (for England) began a review looking at care for older people. It will explore how different services are organised and coordinated, and how this affects the quality of care that people receive. Details of their project can be found at:

The reason for highlighting this to you is not so much the projects, as the resources about integrated care that they have brought together on this page. So yes, please take a look at what they are doing, but take a look at what else you can access from here and you will get a really good idea where we are with integration. If you need something similar with more of a Scottish focus you can look at


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