How Many?…and Flowers!

As most of you who read this post are aware, the UK is facing a substantial rise in the number of people living with dementia as we head into the future. Fortunately we are a relatively rich country and we have already begun trying to address the problems that this may cause us in the future. However what about a country who have more people with living with dementia than the whole population of Scotland already and face a rise to around 36 million people living with dementia within its borders by 2050.

Welcome to China! An interesting article on the situation facing China was published in the Economist this week and it makes for frightening reading. Ticking time bomb fails to describe it…


Here is a bit of contrast. if your wife was losing her eyesight over a prolonged period what would you do to help. I doubt if this is one of the things that you would come up with but what a beautiful story…


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