Malnutrition and a Health Service Ombudsman Report

Well no prizes for guessing my topic this week. Firstly I want to draw your attention to a recent BAPEN report released in November that I thought might be of interest. It seems to have been overlooked, but the report highlights the fact that almost a third of adults are malnourished on admission to hospital, as are about 35% of care home admissions. NICE have had a quality standard for nutritional support since 2012 but is that being adopted in the way that was planned? This report looks at the relationship between the two. Its quite a complex relationship but the report feedback is made very accessible as there are 3 levels, the full report, a short version and a key points and summary version. have a look and see what it says. I am sure you will find it interesting particularly if you bear in mind that many at risk older people are unaware of their risk, how it can be prevented and where to seek advice and support (Patient Association 2011).

To see the report got to and download the version you want.

They also have other resources on the topic of malnutrition on their site. The MUST tool which many of you may use to screen for malnutrition was created by BAPEN and the resources that accompany this are also available via their website.

On a totally different tack, a new report by the Health Service Ombudsman was published in December called “Breaking down the barriers: Older people and complaints about health care”.

Breaking Down.emf

The report suggests a number of recommendations to improve older people’s experience of the complaints system, with the Ombusdman’s Office requesting that all NHS providers make older people aware of how to complain, point them to the support that is available to them, and make it clear that their future care will not be compromised if they complain. They also recommend that organisations that provide care use our framework for showing what good complaint handling is. To access this report go to

It is always worth keeping an eye on the Health Service Ombudsman’s site as it is quite interesting to see what complaints get to that stage and what impact reporting has. The Scottish Ombusdman’s page is at:


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