Improving Urgent Care

A bad week for the NHS in England and Wales particularly as they have both been criticised for the care provided to Older People in the last week or so. Firstly, the NHS Confederation’s Commission on Improving Urgent Care for Older People has stated that ‘Too many over-65s end up in accident and emergency unnecessarily because of a lack of help when they fell ill’.

Maybe not a surprise but their report goes further and once again the solution they cite is Care Management for the frailest older people. They also point to rapid response care at home teams as another solution that might help.

To see the work of the Commission and to download their final report “Growing Old Together” go to

This follows hot on the heels of yet another criticism about the care of people in hospital where the Alzheimer’s Society said it had found “shocking” evidence of poor and variable care during its recent review. See:

This is despite the Department of Health making the disease a key priority on which they have in recent years spent £50m on making hospitals and care homes more “dementia friendly”, and providing training for 500,000 staff. All I can say is well, we still need to spend more and train more because there are still areas where change is not occurring anything like quick enough. (and I am sure I could say the same for NHS Scotland).

Anyway enough! A depressing rant again, so lets look at something more positive.


The report that goes with these images and lots of other resources on World Ageing can be found at:


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