It Will Soon be Trimester 2!

Those of you who are enjoying your inter-trimester break at the moment and awaiting module results remember that there are only two weeks left, so to get ready it might be worth having a look not just at the Moodle sites for the modules you are just completing, but look ahead at the ones that you are about to join. They may still be under construction but you will get a feel from looking about what is coming next.

So what have I seen this week worth sharing. I’ll start of with the programme I suggested you should all watch last week. The Age of Loneliness. (BBC 1 shown 7th. of January). Here is a clip of the director and other experts talking about the documentary which is interesting to view.

Also found this recently which is an interesting twist on the common solution to looking after parents that we commonly see. Here is something else that we might come across in the future as the number of retirement communities grow. Have a read, see what you think and post a comment!

You may also quite like to have a read and listen to this. Hope it plays (It’s American and it might not).

Christine Bryden, whom this programme is about wrote a famous first person book about her own experiences of dementia which is now quite famous called “Before I Forget”. You can find out more about her experiences and her involvement in US advocacy at:



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