It’s Back for 2016

Sorry about the absence of my Blog. The holidays did not go quite as planned but at least I live in a place that wasn’t flooded out over the holiday period. Hope you are managing now if you were one of the unfortunates (and there are many).

So time to catch up. Just as the majority of us were heading out to the stores and hitting the online shopping buttons, Audit Scotland released a report that seems to have passed most of us by.

The new report for the Accounts Commission and Auditor General has reviewed the progress made to establish the new integration authorities (IAs), which will be responsible for planning joint health and social care services and managing budgets totalling over £8 billion.

While all 31 IAs are expected to be operational by the 1 April deadline, the report states perhaps not surprisingly that significant risks must be addressed if integration is to provide the substantial changes needed to health and social care. These risks include difficulties  agreeing budgets, organising  governance and dealing with workforce planning. The report states that IAs must set clear targets and timescales to demonstrate how integrated services will deliver care differently, to better meet people’s needs. For more details about the report and download a copy go to:

It also suggests that Integrated Authorities won’t be able to make a major impact in their first year. (I think we might have been able to predict that).

So something new to read, so how about something to watch?

Yesterday the BBC screened a new documentary by Sue Bourne, a Scottish documentary maker, who production company was responsible for My Street, Fabulous Fashionistas (which some of you will have seen excerpts from in class), Mum and Me and Jig.

In it people from all walks of life talk honestly about their experiences with loneliness, from a 19-year-old student to a 100-year-old woman. To view it go to:

You might also want to find out about the BBC’s “A Life Less Lonely” week of programmes which commence next Friday.



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