Living Independently with a Long Term Condition

This week saw the publication of the details of a report currently being conducted by Ipsos Mori for the NHS in England’s Improving Quality’s Long Term Conditions Improvement Programme.

Called “Navigating Health and Care: Living Independently with Long Term Conditions”, this evaluation heard the views of 36 patients, family members and carers in order to gain an insight into their experiences of living with and managing their long term conditions and the care they receive. As the report writers state, the findings chime with anecdotal evidence about the challenges faced by people managing multiple conditions, and the evaluation corroborates this in a powerful, real-world way from the patients’ perspectives. Not only will the report make for interesting reading when it is finally published but there are 5 videos associated with its release which are available to view at the following website.

One of the videos is called “Personalise my Care”. I thought some of you might like that one particularly. If any of the video resources strike a chord with you, or seem particularly useful can you post a review here so others can see it. I am sure it would be appreciated by all who view this Blog.


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