Falls…. and End of Life at the Movies?

Its still “Fall” 😉 ; so  I should draw your attention to a new initiative being supported by the British Geriatric Society and 16 other European Organisation. Called “Stay Strong, Stay Steady” this campaign aims to increase life expectancy of older people in EU by 2 years by 2020 purely by improving falls management. The campaign is led by an organisation called the Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination (ProFouND). See http://profound.eu.com/

Also there is new resource been released on End of Life Care which I thought you should all know about created by RCN. See http://rcnendoflife.org.uk/

This resource has been designed for  a registered nurses, student nurses, health care assistant (HCA) or assistant practitioner working in any setting or specialism. The aim is to give an understanding of your role when it comes to meeting the needs of people with life limiting illnesses. Please use this with whoever you think may make use of it. Its an open resource and free to use.

Finally something to watch out for a film that looks at end of life care in a Scottish Hospice has gone on UK wide release. Its called “Seven Songs for a Long Life” and you can find out more about it and where is is being screened at http://www.sevensongsfilm.com/

(May come with a serious “hankies required” warning, and that’s just the trailer).


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