Ageing Scotland and the Future?


Yesterday the National Records of Scotland released its new report looking at the projected population increase predicted for Scotland between now and 2039. They released the figures in a series of really quite understandable infographics which make this site interesting to explore. See:

The important set of figures when looking at older people’s issues is the prediction that the number of people aged 75 and over is projected to increase by 85% (i.e. 370,000 people over that time period) . The other infographic that is worth closer examination is the one that looks at causes of death, Scotland 2002-2014.

I was at a lecture this week given by the First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and its quite interesting to look at these projection and then consider what she has said about her plans for changing Health and Social care in the tenure of the next Scottish parliament. For more details about this, see the other Blog that I contribute to at:


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