Scotland’s Dementia Awards 2015

Huge congratulations are due to one of our MSc. in Later Studies Students.  Take a bow Gabriela Mitas !!!! Gabriela, who is in her second year, works for Alzheimers’ Scotland as a Community Activity Organiser and as part of her role she helps to organise Lanarkshire’s Mosque and Muslim Community Project. This project helps to challenge and reduce the stigma around dementia within that community and acts to prevent the marginalisation that Muslims, particularly women Muslim carers, can feel when dealing with their relatives who are living with dementia in our society. Fantastic work and I know that myself and my colleagues are keen to find out more. Here is Gabriela shortly after receiving her award for “Best Dementia Friendly Community Initiative” yesterday.


The ‘Dementia Champions’ teaching team at UWS were also put forward for the Best Acute Care Initiative. We (because it includes me) were runners up. Disappointed not to win of course, but as a team we were glad to get some recognition for all the work that we have put in to the programme since it began in 2011.

As part of wining a short film about Gabriela’s work will be made available on the Awards website. Once that is made visible I’ll put the link up here so you can all see the great work she has been doing.

World Alzheimer’s Day was on the 21st of September and to mark the event why not become a Dementia Friend and help tackle the stigma associated with dementia in a small but positive way. Go to  There you can register your interest.

Nearly two thirds of people with dementia experience loneliness and almost half report losing friends after their diagnosis. A global survey of 2,500 people with dementia and carers across 50 countries found that stigma is a major barrier to improving care and support for people with the condition.


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