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Those of you who have studied Older People’s Issues before will know that I usually run a Blog throughout the course of my modules in order to share and comment on current issues in older people’s care that the module materials may not capture. The Blog also allows you, as students to participate in co-producing your own learning, because you can comment and contribute to this blog at any time. In fact it would be really good if you would do this, so that we can share all of our views. Previously I was using a format that was only able to be viewed within the University of the West of Scotland. It is worth noting that this time I am using a Blogging tool called WordPress that is open access and this is posted across 4 different modules, so there are lots of potential contributors.

So where will I start. In the headlines this week you might have seen:

“Can you Catch Alzheimers’ Disease? Could it be spread via blood transfusions during surgery in the same way as CJD!” (from the Daily Mail 09/09/2015)

 So is there any truth in this?
When I see headlines like this, I tend to have a look at a really brilliant NHS Choices site called ‘Behind the Headlines’. What this group of people do is look for the piece of research that the headline story relates to and critique it. So they did this for this study. If you want to see or find out where the original research was published and what they said about it than go to http://www.nhs.uk/news/2015/09September/Pages/No-evidence-that-Alzheimers-can-be-transmitted-through-surgery.aspx
Its worth remembering that this site is here because they do a really good job of explaining complex research in a way that will help you understand what that research really does show. It also helps you develop better evaluation skills if you look regularly.

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